sometime during the summer of 2002, we received a call from friend and collaborator jim dawson who, after speaking with a producer associate of his in new orleans, wanted us to hear some new music by a little-known lounge band going by the name bingo. we listened to the band's scratchy live recording of songs that sounded a bit like classic country tunes playing on a 1920s gramophone in someone's lap at the circus. and we liked it. so we invited the band — plus three clowns and a stripper — to drive up to brooklyn and spend a few months with us at combustive arts. a "music and gaming adventure" according to the brooklyn paper.

music: clint maedgen, ryan farris, brynn savage, steve calandra
cast: mac taylor, ronnie numbers, heather "yum-yum" soltis, stix the clown and caleb scott. designed and directed by jim dawson, caleb scott, jack warren and peter warren. photographs by alex wright.

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