dynamic energy, combustivity and the cmc


i'm drunk. on the bar in front of me is a wet napkin, a line drawing scrawled into it of a strange mechanized sink basin, a spring-loaded arm extending from its side, driven by a series of pistons, pumps and a chain-driven gear assembly. it looks like a machine meant only to scratch itself. underneath it are written the words, "your brain is a motor."

did I draw this thing? i think to myself, "wow. it's true: thoughts = tiny explosions = sparks caused by the chemical manipulations of fuel in your body. body = skin, tissue, frame. hardtop : engine as boney skull : brain. brain = the main motor, the combustion engine powering the whole thing with fire." still lower on the napkin i write, "we are combustive machines." then I draw a picture of a monkey staring at a ball. jack comes back from the bathroom, reviews the recent work and exclaims, "my machine will outdo any dolphin anyday." he thinks my monkey is a dolphin. but I get the point.

we are combustive machines. so are monkeys. and dolphins. the difference? intentional manipulation of the dynamic energies our bodies constantly produce. that's what I say. out loud. jack is busy sketching the inside of a steam engine, a human arm clutching a non-human wrench extending from it.

"that's a good logo," i say.

"a good logo for what?" jack asks.

this is what I write next to jack's drawing: "the steam-engine-arm-wrench is a non-profit collaborative that seeks to explore the seemingly infinite possibilities of creative invention by experimenting in dynamic environments and pushing the limits of expressive force within them." jack knods but says firmly, "don't like the name."

thus, the combustive motor corporation (CMC) was born. since the fall of 2001, the CMC has worked in many different, often disparate, mediums and disciplines developing individual "pieces" and ongoing projects which, by nature of their design and presentaion, cannot be defined solely by existing rules of artistic engagement. combining elements of performance, visual art, film, music and other graphic media, the CMC seeks to present original works that transcend and defy the common expectations of art and audience.

the combutive motor corporation is directed by caleb scott, jack warren and alex wright with resident and contributing artists from new york and around the world.

for more on the topic of human combustivity and dynamic energy, you may refer to the combustive motor corporation P.A.L.M. mechanics manual. download it for free and sell it to your friends.